Sound Information by FREDZ.
Version 1.0

Becouse most people that make custom sounds for Kingpin do it whrong here a tutorial how you should save youre sound.

Normal all sound from Kingpin stands in the directory: Kingpin\main\sounds\

Sound should be always saved in the follow format:
Audio-Division: Wave PCM
Average data speed: 44,100 Kb/second
Samplefrequentie: 22050Hz or 22,50Khz
Channels: 1 Mono
Bit rate: 352 Kbps
So never ever save sound in stereo or any other format becouse people get crashing Kingpin and that would be not nice.

So why is the wav files mono?
Becouse the engine just calculates that there more then 1 sound spot.
If you can make maps for Kingpin you understand if you place a target_speaker you don't place 1 target_speaker but multiple so you will get stereo adventually.

The sound program that Xatrix used was: Sound Forge 4.5.

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